Kitten DMs With Gupi and Umru

Kitten DMs With Gupi and Umru

The weirdest band in pop-rock, Kitten returns today with an ear-splitting temper tantrum of a song, called "Daddy Don't Take My Phone." It's as much a melodic, mildly acoustic groove as it is a ferocious Nine Inch Nails-like meltdown. With no balance in 2020, why should the music released during this time have any either?

Strangely nostalgic for a time when getting your cellphone taken was the worst punishment possible, lead singer Chloe Chaidez perfectly captures our bratty teenage years, oscillating between doe-eyed pleas and full-blown shrills.

"I promise that I'll delete!" she screams, competing with producer umru's battlefield of brutal, rattling electronic. "What you found on the USB... Wasn't me!" She later cools down, as her voice takes on baby-like charm. "Father, this is how I talk to my friends," she coos. "I won't ever do it again."

"This year I felt trapped," Chaidez tells PAPER. "My emotions felt childlike and the helplessness of 2020 angered me. 'Daddy Don't Take My Phone Away' channels all that in the most epic way possible."

Below, Kitten DMs with "Daddy Don't Take My Phone" collaborators, Gupi and Umru, to talk all things Keith Richards and Sheerancore.

@chloechaidez Sup my dudes ❤️. I am Chloe Chaidez and i am here to conduct our interview

@gupimusic So awesome

@tony.alone Who's Chloe chaidez?

@chloechaidez Ok so I have questions, for each of you

@parker_iv Yes can they be multiple choice tho

@chloechaidez @umru where u get those incredible drum sounds?????? or were u just born with them

@gupimusic I would hear umru's drums sounds at my school and he wasn't even there

@parker_iv it was the janitor dropping a wrench in the supply closet

@umru am always on what ericdoa called "snare duty" it's when the real producers in the studio send me to the back to work on snares.

@umru also sometimes i simply steal them

@chloechaidez SICK

@chloechaidez wow. That's hot

@tony.alone snare duty lolol

@chloechaidez @gupimusic was it weird when i wanted to make a song within the first 5 minutes of meeting you

@gupimusic No! That was awesome and that's how I could tell it was vib3s and chilling. I like to do fun improv music and not scheduled studio music

@gupimusic I was like oh this is VIBES house huh…

@tony.alone Its also crazy how that was like the last session before lockdown

@tony.alone Was it like the day before?

@gupimusic Yes!!!

@chloechaidez facts ^^

@parker_iv I imagine there is just a constant piano roll of plaintive midi combinations zooming thru gupi's mind

@tony.alone Tru

@gupimusic Like....... 😳

@chloechaidez hahahahahai wish i lived there

@chloechaidez @tony.alone do you remember the song "i feel like keith richards" we all wrote pre "Daddy Don't take my Phone Away"

@gupimusic YO

@tony.alone Yo that was a hot hook

@tony.alone Tbh

@tony.alone I stand by that

@gupimusic Was that the same beat?

@tony.alone Yes it was Lolol

@gupimusic Need a remix

@tony.alone We do need the gupi and umru remix on this

@tony.alone But with Keith Richards hook Haha

@tony.alone The kids wont know keith in like 5 years tho

@tony.alone So Daddy dont take my phone probably better in the long run

@parker_iv "Jagger don't take my smack away, jagger don't take my smack"

@chloechaidez Imma ask a serious musician question now @parker_iv

@chloechaidez @parker_iv why did you think acoustic guitar in the bridge was a good idea??? In retrospect it's a lil wild coupled with gupi's scraping heavy metal verse.

@parker_iv was that even my idea? I remember playing it in the living room...

@parker_iv Dave says it was my idea

@tony.alone Wasn't it?

@tony.alone Lol

@chloechaidez Wait no, It was ed sheeran's fault

@gupimusic It's true....

@umru we loveeee sheerancore

@gupimusic Can't believe he was there

@chloechaidez we wanted an ed sheeran moment

@parker_iv I think we were thinking about Britney Spears n stuff

@umru yeah he was playing with legos like in the ny times video

@tony.alone Sheerancore!

@umru always great working with Ed

@chloechaidez same

@tony.alone that genre is good for an entire record

@chloechaidez I think thanking ED is a perfect way to end this incredible interview

@tony.alone Thank you Ed Sheeran

@umru thank you ed

@gupimusic Thanks babe (Ed Sharon)

@parker_iv Props Edward

@tony.alone I'm loving the shape of this interview

@tony.alone Great work all

@chloechaidez Love you guys

@chloechaidez ❤️

@umru ❤️❤️

@tony.alone 🤘🏼❤️

@umru good thing daddy didn't take my phone so i could do this interview

@tony.alone Ed is out daddy. So no need to thank him again for his mercy

@parker_iv Glad we skipped the part when I said I felt a lil intimidated about working with such choice electronic maestros 😅

@umru im intimidated by working with Real Analog Band Musicians

Stream "Daddy Don't Take My Phone" by Kitten, below.

Photos courtesy of Tsarina Merrin