Jessica Simpson's Foot Should Host the Oscars

Jessica Simpson's Foot Should Host the Oscars

Is Jessica Simpson, and her left foot, OK? It would not appear so, seeing as how she is literally asking for help on Instagram for her scarily swollen — but impressively manicured — extremity.

Combined punctuation marks in the form of a question and an exclamation point, followed by four (!!!!) exclamation points makes clear that Simpson, who is currently pregnant with her third child, is definitely in pain, and the Internet is losing its mind in response.

Apparently, a swollen foot happens for different reasons to expectant mothers, partially due to gravity, lack of blood flow to larger veins in her body (One Twitter user suggests she "Elevate it to 98 degrees"), and more. But if Simpson remains confused about her condition, seeing a doctor is best.

Some users are replying with obvious suggestions ("apply ice to your leg"), and many moms and maternal care experts have come to the rescue. Meanwhile, the rest of the Internet (including PAPER) is having a field day with this. Send thoughts and prayers to Simpson's foot and her pregnancy, and read some of the wildness, below.

And if Simpson's foot really gets the 2019 Oscars hosting gig, wouldn't that shift so many paradigms? Think about it.

Photo via Instagram