Jennifer Aniston Gets Backlash Over Christmas Ornament

Jennifer Aniston Gets Backlash Over Christmas Ornament

A lot of people try to be creative with their Christmas decor, like with clever Christmas tree ornaments to get into the spirit of the season. Jennifer Aniston decided to share a photo of one that's particularly unique to this year, and it didn't sit well with a lot of people on the internet.

On Christmas Day, the Friends star showed followers of her Instagram Stories a round wooden ornament, carved with the words, "Our first pandemic 2020." It's unclear whether it was actually hers, but a lot of critics sounded off on Twitter. They called her decision to post a photo of the tree bauble insensitive and tone-deaf, considering how many people have died during the pandemic.

Some who say they've personally experienced loss this year also spoke out against the celeb's social media post.

But many have also come to the defense of the actor, saying that people are overreacting to the whole situation. A number are also pointing out that Aniston has been actively supporting those who are having a difficult time because of the global health crisis and national lockdowns, like small businesses.

In the past, Aniston has also been vocal about how serious COVID-19 is. In July, she shared a photo of a friend who had no underlying conditions, but was hard hit by the virus. She's also been an advocate for wearing masks.

Photo via BFA