In a glorious pop culture twist that none of us saw coming, Jeff Koons, controversial artist behind steel balloon animals and Louis Vuitton's most curious collaboration, really, really likes Lil Uzi Vert.

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Chatting to The Guardian ahead of his Easyfun-Ethereal exhibit at the Gagosian (featuring pieces originally designed for the Guggenheim in the '90s), the conversation naturally pivoted to Atlanta rapper, interviewee extraordinaire and wearer of these very good pants, who Koons counts as an influence.

In fact, it's Uzi that has Koons hyped when pumping iron at the gym. "Little Uzi is very poetic," Koons said, "and he's able to speak about a kind of microcosm that actually represents one community that can be looked at as a whole. I think it's very pop; it's very connecting. I just think it's brilliant."

As to how Lil Uzi Vert himself feels about Koons, well, we're going to have to just wait until his next interview or for him to run into a school bus of teens while sucking a popsicle to find out.

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