At this point it's become pretty obvious that Jeff Bezos is a man of questionable morals which has made him an internet "supervillain" — and not a very good one at that. But in case you needed any further proof, look no further than a viral TikTok that traces the evolution of his low-key terrifying laugh over the years.

As first reported by the Daily Dot, earlier this week an account called @ceo_jeff_bezos_official stitched together older interviews from Amazon's early days to more recent clips of a much richer Bezos, alongside the question, "Has Jeff Bezos laugh changed as he's gotten richer."

According to commenters, his laugh has, indeed, changed over the years, growing deeper and scarier, to the point where it honestly edges on a maniacal "bwahaha," but I guess you can also just hear for yourself.

Watch @ceo_jeff_bezos_official's TikTok, below.

Photo via Getty / Mark Ralston / AFP

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