James St. James Tells All for 'Night Fever' Podcast

James St. James Tells All for 'Night Fever' Podcast

by Kenna McCafferty

When it comes to club kids, there’s always more to the story — and James St. James is no exception. The New York City legend has launched a new tell-all podcast, following their tell-all book, Disco Bloodbath, which was adapted into the 2003 tell-all movie, Party Monster, starring Macaulay Culkin.

In the early '90s hey-day of NYC's rave scene, club kids could be found at the center of it all, strutting through the city's underground in six-inch heels or sitting pretty in headdresses on Daytime TV. Everywhere they went, everything they did and everything they wore was sure to be talked about.

And though the era may have washed out in a "disco blood bath," as James St. James famously wrote about, giving way to the Instagram influencer and trading subculture for subreddit, the impact of club kids remains in popular culture today.

As one of the remaining voices, James St. James is helping keep the energy alive with a second season of his World of Wonder podcast, Night Fever, along with co-founders Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato.

The next installment, out August 8, will notably feature Michelle Visage, who spills the tea on '80s dance culture in New Jersey, the House of Magnifique, her music career, how she met RuPaul and her battle with Hashimoto’s disease from her breast implants.

If that isn’t more than enough gossip, the season lineup also includes special guests Jayne County, Susanne Bartsch, Michael Schmidt, Jenny Dembrow AKA Jennytalia, Connie Girl, Linda Simpson, Michelangelo Signorile, Brian Belovitcha and Richard Boch for more down-and-dirty memories from their heyday.

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