James Charles Deletes Video Imitating Latinx TikTok Star Rosa

James Charles Deletes Video Imitating Latinx TikTok Star Rosa

After substantial online backlash, James Charles deleted a video in which he imitates Latinx TikTok character Rosa.

Last week, Charles found himself at the center of yet another controversy after posting a Snapchat video in which he mimics a clip called "POV: Rosa finds out her 8th period partner is gay."


POV: Rosa finds out her 8th period partner is gay😭😂 ##fyp ##viral ##foryou

♬ original sound - adamrayokay

However, Charles's imitation — accent, mannerisms, and all — was quickly met with accusations of racism and appropriation, as Rosa is a character created by Latinx creator Adam Ray Okay.

From eye-roll reaction GIFs to criticism surrounding the "gentrification" of Rosa, many people responded directly to Charles online, writing things like, "I hope you know making fun of a latinx accent like this is racist and that when the OG Rosa does it it's not cause he is Latinx. Tired of his white ass profiting and making fun of POC."

"When you are white and you attempt to do a Latino accent but you just end up sounding even more white," as another person wrote. "Sorry but I did not need to see James Charles ruining my accent on this Tuesday morning. Rosa doesn't deserve this."

And though Charles never directly addressed the backlash, he did eventually delete the video and subsequently followed up with a cryptic tweet in which he asked people to be kinder online.

"I get that a lot of people don't like me. I've learned to accept & understand it – but the extent that some people on this app are willing to go in attempt to ruin my life is truly sad," he wrote. "I hope one day people find a way to feel validation without having to bash others for likes."

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