Jaclyn Hill Is Bringing Back Her Lipsticks

Jaclyn Hill Is Bringing Back Her Lipsticks

Jaclyn Hill has had a rocky few months. After the launch of her namesake beauty label earlier this year, which sparked intense backlash when customers purchasing lipsticks reported they were "moldy, deformed and hairy," the beauty influencer has spent a lot of time contemplating what went wrong.

Now she's ready to try again. In an ambiguous Instagram video posted earlier this week, the 29-year-old announced she's relaunching Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics.

While Hill didn't offer much information about the kinds of products that will be part of the reboot, her video was accompanied by a launch date: 11/26/2019.

The comment section has been filled with both excited fans and those doubtful about the relaunch. "YAASSSS!!!! I've been waiting," one fan wrote. "MY DEBIT CARD IS READY!" another added.

Others were less optimistic. "jesus christ here we go again," one follower wrote. "I really hope this goes better than last time…" another said.

When the lipstick controversy first broke, Hill immediately took to social media defending the products, blaming transport and manufacturing issues. Soon after, the influencer apologized for the defects, recalling all the products and promising to refund everyone who bought lipsticks regardless of damage.

Despite the scandal, Hill currently has more than six million followers on Instagram, so it's likely the relaunch of Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics may go more smoothly than anticipated. Stay tuned!

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