Jack Antonoff Used Lana Del Rey's Vaping in a Song

Jack Antonoff Used Lana Del Rey's Vaping in a Song

One Lana Del Rey songapparently features an unusual yet extremely on-brand sound.

As we all know, the star is an avid vaper, to the point where she's stopped entire concerts just to look for a lost pen. However, Jack Antonoff helped her immortalize her love of an e-cig by using the sound of her vaping on "White Dress."

In a recent conversation with Rolling Stone, the producer revealed that the Chemtrails Over the Country Clubsingle was a "wild song" that incorporated this unique sonic touch as part of the duo's free-wheeling songwriting process.

"People like to be like, 'Oh, that was a live jam.' That shit really was. She had her mic; I was on the piano," he said. "We were fucking around and you can feel it. You hear her vape sucking in and out. She was improv-ing a lot of it."

However, Antonoff went on to explain that the recording sessions had to remain pretty loose and low-key because "that song would die on the vine if you tried to lock it to a grid and clean it up and take out all the noise."

He added, "The work I make with Lana, it comes out of nowhere."

Elsewhere in the interview, Antonoff also talked about another "fucking wild song" on the album, namely "Dark But Just a Game," which uses a "Beatles-y direct guitar against the tambourine sample and huge 808s, and then a really small live drum and her doing these big Joni [Mitchell] harmonies."

"I remember when we finished that one, being like," he said. "'That shit is way ahead of itself.' And I still feel that way."

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Photo via Getty / Lester Cohen