Lana Del Rey Fans Think Jack Antonoff 'Recycled' Her Song for Lorde

Lana Del Rey Fans Think Jack Antonoff 'Recycled' Her Song for Lorde

Lana Del Rey fans aren't too happy with Lorde and Jack Antonoff.

It all started yesterday when the Kiwi artist shared her latest Solar Power single, "Stoned at the Nail Salon." Shortly after its release though, Lana stans noticed that there were some striking sonic similarities between Lorde's new offering and Chemtrails Over the Country Club's "Wild at Heart."

After all, Jack has a long history of working with both Lana and Lorde. However, on the heels of recent claims about Lorde's "Solar Power" title track sounding a lot like George Michael's "Freedom '90" — despite receiving his estate's blessing — it seems like Lana fans are also now taking to Twitter to voice their displeasure and accuse Jack of "recycling" his melodies.

"Same key and all," as one fan said alongside a side-by-side comparison of the two songs. "He really didn't even try I hate him so much."

Meanwhile, others turned the accusation into memes and started posting reaction GIFs joking about how he was out of ideas and "gave" Lorde Lana's instrumental.

That said, the backlash also led others to point out that all the finger-pointing highlighted the ongoing problem of people "[removing] any and all agency... female artists" have in terms of "their art," as the discourse mainly centered Jack's production on the songs.

Lorde, Lana and Jack have yet to comment on the accusations.

Photos via Getty / Pascal Le Segretain & Kevin Mazur