Jaboukie Young-White and 'The Daily Show' Tackle Student Debt

Jaboukie Young-White and 'The Daily Show' Tackle Student Debt

Everyone is talking about student debt. Probably because it's currently ruining crippling/ruining the lives both of millennials, and the baby-boomers taking them in when they can't make rent. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are figuring out how to get rid of it, you might have heard.

Because you have to laugh to keep from crying about the fact that Americans currently owe an all-time high of $1.4 trillion in student loans, The Daily Show imagined what laugh-track sitcoms will look like in the future if we don't deal with the crisis .

Jaboukie Young-White plays a millennial moving back in with his parents, played by Roy Woods Jr., and Desi Lydic in a pseudo sitcom called "Meet The Debts," that's essentially just an adaptation of the real news clip Trevor Noah plays moments before the skit rolls.

Here's a summary through of the most depressing moments when the laugh track rolls: when a commercial plays on the TV advertising "the surprising new bodily fluid you can sell for cash!!!," when Jaboukie and his dad fight over hiding places to skirt a debt collector, when Lydic sweetly reminds Woods Jr. not to kill himself because "honey, you know we can't afford the funeral," and when Lydic cooks her own liver for as a special steak dinner for the family.

I guess good comedy is a silver lining of this mess. Someone get Jordan Peele on this script, ASAP!

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