Iván Pellicer Wants To Keep the Mystery Going

Iván Pellicer Wants To Keep the Mystery Going

Iván Pellicer is one of Spain's rising stars, known for his work in Movistar's hit Paraíso and Netflix's new show Sagrada Familia (Holy Family), about a mother and her children's secret, double lives. On Instagram and in photoshoots — Numero, Harper's Bazaar, GQ, Spanish LGBTQ+ magazine Shangay — he's known for his bold fashion aesthetic, which only adds to his growing mystique.

It comes up frequently in various interviews, Pellicer's "genderless" approach to style. While asked about it consistently, he's said that he hasn't thought about such boundaries too hard and simply wears what he likes. It's an aspirational answer, and one more actors should take note of. In my own conversation with the actor, he's said he'd like to "keep the mystery going for a little while longer."

Of the fashion world itself, Pellicer says he likewise hadn't given the industry much thought before he was thrust into it. It's almost hard to believe, as from the accompanying photoshoot he's clearly at ease and in his element.

Like his striking fashion sensibilities, he says his entry into modeling was "rebellion" and a desire to better express himself. With so many new projects on the horizon, a second season of Holy Family due this fall, and a rising fashion profile, the actor still has so much more to say.

Below, check out PAPER's interview with the actor, along with exclusive photos of Pellicer.

Necklace: Gucci

Sagrada Familia, about a family who’s hiding a shocking secret and is starting over in Madrid, is a huge hit! How has the reception to it been for you?

You are right, it was a very well-received show and I am very thankful and happy about it.

Your previous project, Movistar’s Paraíso, was science fiction, while Sagrada Familia is more grounded in reality. Do you have a preference for science fiction or more realistic projects?

I can’t say I actually have a preference between these two genres. On a personal level I prefer watching fiction more grounded in reality, but it’s a lot more fun to shoot science fiction, hands down!

You’ve had the chance to model for Numero, Dust Magazine, InStyle and Harper’s Bazaar. Have you always had an interest in fashion?

Fashion has not been something I have especially paid attention to, but as I am slowly introduced to it, I have to say it’s a very interesting world I am happy to explore and learn about.

Who are some of your favorite designers?

I love the work of Palomo Spain!

Sagrada Familia is about a mother’s love for her children and the bonds between them. What sort of inspiration did you bring to the role of Abel?

I am very much close to my mother and it has been a source of inspiration in this role for sure.

Sweater and ski mask: Jacquemus; Top: Desigual; Shoes and socks: Camper Lab

I read you moved from your hometown of Murcia, in the southeast of Spain, to Madrid. There you studied acting with Juan Codina and Leticia Santafé. Did you always want to be an actor?

Really, it sprung out of somewhat of a rebellion. I was always looking for a way to express myself and acting has given me the tools to do so. The rest has been pure luck and a privilege to gain the confidence of the directors that have chosen to work with me.

Do you have any dreams as an actor? Directors or other actors to work with? Projects you’d like to work on?

My dream is to keep doing this work and enjoying it while at it! I’d love to work with Xavier Dolan.

What’s something about you that might surprise people?

Great question! Hmmm, let’s keep the mystery going for a little while longer! 

While Sagrada Familia was greenlit for a second season, do you have any other upcoming projects you can share?

​In the coming months: a slasher-style horror movie El club de los lectores criminales directed by Carlos Alonso and written by Carlos Miranda. It should premiere on Netflix. The second season of Sagrada Familia is set to premiere in October this year if I am not mistaken. In the next few weeks, I am starting to shoot a very interesting new project and I am very excited about it, but that’s all I can share at the moment!

Sweater and ski mask: Jacquemus; Top: Desigual; Shoes and socks: Camper Lab

Photography and creative direction: Arden
Stylist: Manu Mendi
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