Issa Rae Says Hollywood Protects 'Repeat Offenders' Like Ezra Miller

Issa Rae Says Hollywood Protects 'Repeat Offenders' Like Ezra Miller

Issa Rae thinks Hollywood has a big blindspot when it comes to certain people like Ezra Miller.

In an interview published on Thursday, the actress and producer sat down with ELLE to reflect on the actual changes that have happened within the entertainment industry since the beginning of the #MeToo movement, which she believes are few and far in between. In fact, she said "it feels like we're regressing, depressingly so."

"While I don't support people jumping to immediate conclusions and I think it's entirely fair for investigations to happen, I think it's extremely important to, like the mantra says, 'Listen to women,'" as the Insecure star explained, before bringing up "the stuff that's happening with Ezra Miller," who is an example of the "microcosm of Hollywood."

"There's this person who's a repeat offender, who's been behaving atrociously, and as opposed to shutting them down and shutting the production down, there's an effort to save the movie and them," Rae continued, seemingly in reference to the fact that Warner Bros. is still planning on releasing Miller's upcoming film, The Flash, in 2023.

And as she added, "That is a clear example of the lengths that Hollywood will go to save itself and to protect offenders."

Since earlier this year, Miller has made constant headlines thanks to a number of disturbing accusations and legal issues, including documented incidents such as their arrests in Hawaii for disorderly conduct at a karaoke bar and allegedly assaulting a woman by throwing a chair at her head. Two families were also granted orders of protection against the Fantastic Beasts star, including a woman and her 12-year-old child, as well as the family of an 18-year-old activist, who said Miller "groomed" their child through "cult-like and psychologically manipulative, controlling behavior." Additionally, they were previously accused of sheltering a 25-year-old mother and her young children in an "unsafe" and "chaotic" at their Vermont home.

Miller has since issued a formal apology and is currently seeking help for "complex mental health issues."

You can read her entire interview with ELLEhere.

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