Isabella Lovestory and Villano Antillano Go Fishing

Isabella Lovestory and Villano Antillano Go Fishing

By Ivan GuzmanDec 19, 2023

Isabella Lovestory and Villano Antillano are fishy girls. Their new song “Fuetazo,” which roughly translates to ‘a hard punch or blow,’ cements their status as bad bitches of the sea. Embodying their true form as mermaids, the Honduran perreo pop princess and buzzy Puerto Rican rapstress come together in a moment of true “bokisucia” bliss, tag-teaming over an infectious reggaeton beat by Kamixlo, Dinamarca, and frequent Lovestory collaborator Chicken.

The video sees the two flapping their mermaid tails on the shore, grabbing drive-thru food in a truck bed full of water, and grinding in corsets as if fulfilling some sort of Latina power ritual. “[The song] will scientifically send an electroshock directly to the pineal gland, subsequently travel all the way to the toes which will alert the shoes to start dancing,” Lovestory remarks. The collaboration seems like a match made in heaven, and adds another banger to both singers’ vaults of sex-fueled, sometimes sinister Latin pop earworms.

PAPER sat down with Isabella and Villano to play an aquatic-themed, 21 Questions-inspired game in which the two reveal their deepest darkest thoughts and subsequent plans for global domination.

What's your favorite water animal and why?

Isabella Lovestory: Mermaids!! I’ve always been fascinated by them. Growing up going to my grandparents home in Puerto Cortes, Honduras, I always pretended to be one. I’m pretty sure I saw a real one in Greece last year, after witnessing a shooting star. Dolphins too are super cute and silly, I had a dream of petting a fuzzy one recently. My grandpa was a fisherman so my connection to the sea is infinite. Sirenas HMU <3

Villano Antillano: Dolphins. They’re so smart and evil.

Would you rather explore the bottom of the ocean or space?

Isabella: BOTTOM OF OCEAN! No ocean gate tho, more like Poseidon invited me.

Villano: Space, personally.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Isabella: Stupid men who talk over women.

Villano: Bad liars.

How will you new track “Fuetazo” help heal the world?

Isabella: It will scientifically send an electroshock directly to the pineal gland, subsequently travel all the way to the toes which will alert the shoes to start dancing. The dancing will then erase all bad memories and replace them with those of the times you felt most confident and a bad bitch. As well as when you were once a little mermaid in your childhood dreams. Then it will make you wanna go and make the best decisions you could ever make. ;)

Villano: Boss girl, Alpha Female representation.

Favorite thing about each other?

Isabella: I love how sweet Villana is, while being the most authentic bad bitch I ever met. She inspires me to be the most real version of myself and to speak my voice. Fearless and of course GUAPISIMA iconic fresh beauty. She knows what she wants and she’ll take it all. TKM.

Villano: Whole artists, we’re one women shows.

Britney or Madonna?

Isabella: Britney, don’t hang up. Madonna I love u tho.

Villano: Breathing or blinking?

Which historical figure would you most like to make out with?

Isabella: Myself.

Villano: Gustavo Cerati.

What’s the greatest lyric each of you have come up with?

Isabella: “Con mi tacon rapidito lo aplasto.”

Villano: To be written yet quite possibly.

Are there too many fish in the sea?

Isabella: The fish are unfortunately going extinct. But I love to eat sushi.

Villano: No.

Fuck marry kill: Pirate, Sailor, Merman.

Isabella: Fuck pirate, kill sailor, marry merman.

Villano: Fuck and kill all of them. No marriage.

What would be your weapon of choice in the apocalypse?

Isabella: Black hole hands, laser tits.

Villano: My sex appeal. It’s worked thus far.

What defines a “bokisucia”?

Isabella: A sexy little fearless hoe, who fucks and says fuck whenever she wants.

Villano: Si te lavaban la boca con jabón cuando chiquita.

What fast food chain would you most like to work at?

Isabella: Chum bucket and boycott companies supporting genocide.

Villano: I don’t dream of labor.

What did your most recent dream consist of?

Isabella: Petting a furry dolphin! It was so soft and adorable, like a kitten. I think it means I feel vivacious.

Villano: Astral projection.

Do you think mermaids and aliens co-mingle?

Isabella: Absolutely, all multidimensional beings are streaming “Fuetazo" right now. Put some respect on the duendes!

Villano: No, they hate each other.

What was your favorite part of filming the music video?

Isabella: Talking shit while freezing on the Miami highway in the back of the pickup truck with our mermaid tails on for half an hour lol!! And of course our beautiful witchy moment at the very last part of filming and the moon gracing us with her pink beauty in that moment.

Villano: Rising above and beyond so much misogyny.

When and where did you learn to swim?

Isabella: Cybex in Tegucigalpa!

Villano: I was born and raised on an island, so it was very early on, and it was definitely in Puerto Rico.

What do you think of those videos where they throw babies into the pool to teach them how to float?

Isabella: I wanna be the baby. The grandmama the baby.

Villano: I think it works. Babies are moldable and teachable and it can definitely save lives.

Are you scared of AI?

Isabella: No. They’re my friends.

Villano: No, I’m wary of it though.

Would you rather get stung by a jellyfish or a stingray?

Isabella: The last and first time I got stung by a jellyfish was in Puerto Cortes a couple of years ago, on my ass. I peed myself to soothe the pain. It was a cute fuetazito. My little cousin was laughing at me.

Villano: Jellyfish.

If you could replace your voice box with any other celebrity’s voice, who would it be?

Isabella: Gati Lindo precious, my cat’s.

Villano: Somebody with a very pretty pixie yet strong voice, probably. Just for contrast Björk, maybe!

Do you think you’ll ever be canceled? For what?

Isabella: For being a sexy rebellious icon who speaks her truth maybe? Who cares.

Villano: I think I’m perpetually cancelled, for being a hot tranny… it comes with the territory.

What’s your favorite number?

Isabella: Nine, my life path number. But also 11 cause I love duality. I know what you’re thinking, don’t cancel me.

Villano: Four.

If you could invent a new holiday, what would it be?


Villano: International Whore Day.

Why should people listen to “Fuetazo”?

Isabella: Because it’s the motherfucking shit bitch!!! If u wanna be sexy and cool and with the shits, stream this magical celebration of freedom and love.

Villano: It’s hot girl music. We all want to be hot girls deep down.

If Sally sold seashells by the sea shore, what do Isabella and Villano sell by the ocean?

Isabella: CUNT.

Villano: Magical shrooms.

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