Ingrid Andress' New Album Will Get You Through Your Isolation

Ingrid Andress' New Album Will Get You Through Your Isolation

While it's tempting to drown out our coronavirus fears with non-stop pick-me-ups like Britney Spears' Insta Stories, 30 Rock re-runs or videos of penguins roaming free around Chicago's Shedd Aquarium, sometimes instead of distracting our stress and emotions, what we really need is an opportunity to exorcise them.

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Ingrid Andress releases her debut album, Lady Like, this Friday, and the record is stacked with the kind of songs that simultaneously cut you to the quick but leave you feeling somehow stronger and more empowered than before you listened to them.

Whether singing about miscommunication and mixed signals on "Both," or the ripple effects of a break-up on a family in "More Hearts Than Mine," the rising country star and Colorado native has a gift for blending insightful social observations with rollicking, catchy melodies.

Recently dubbed one of Apple Music's Up Next artists (they've released a doc for subscribers about her and you can check out a preview clip above), Andress also sat down with us for an interview hosted by YouTube in which she talked about having grown up listening to Christian music before discovering artists like Eminem, Missy Elliott and Slipknot; taking questionable advice from friends to get over a bad break-up; and how swiping through her friends' Bumbles inspired one of her most memorable songs yet.

Andress is set to go on tour this summer with Tim McGraw but, in the meantime, you can check out her interview below, and stream Lady Like this Friday.

Photos courtesy of Jess Williams