iLoveMakonnen is Ready for a 'Fun Summer' with Surprise New EP

iLoveMakonnen is Ready for a 'Fun Summer' with Surprise New EP

At the end of May, ILOVEMAKONNEN came out of nowhere to drop an expansive surprise new single. Clocking in at close to six and a half minutes, "Lonely Girl" was unlike most of Makonnen's music but was still a welcome return. Given that it was dropped with no accompanying announcement, it was unknown whether "Lonely Girl" was a part of something larger or just a one-off. Luckily, we can now confirm that it's not the latter. Rather, "Lonely Girl" serves as an extremely effective emotional closer to the musician's new seven-track EP Fun Summer, Vol. 1, which he released today — also as a surprise.

The singer, who quietly relocated from his hometown of Atlanta to the hipster enclave of Portland earlier this year and has steered clear of the press (aside from accusing Drake of allegedly threatening to jump him at a VMAs after-party) ever since, is back to his usual fun antics on this EP. Mentions of "super chefing" still pop up, and his ear for nontraditional but undeniably catchy beats is as attuned as ever.

Get into the cozy coastal vibes below.

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