Ikea Wants Your Room to Smell Like Meatballs
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Ikea Wants Your Room to Smell Like Meatballs

For those that love the experience of shopping at the Swedish furniture chain but find themselves longing for the sights and smells of the superstore after they've built their bed frame, Ikea is bringing a little slice of their store to your home with a new candle that smells just like their HUVUDROLL meatballs.

Ikea has unveiled the limited-edition meatball-scented candle as part of the brand's 10th anniversary celebration of their US Family Program. The candle will be included as a part of Ikea's Store In a Box, which is said to include recognizable items from the retailer and "bring together the sensory experiences of visiting an IKEA store all in one compact box."

Ikea will also be offering special deals, products and more as a part of the chain's free loyalty program. Those interested in making their bedrooms have the aroma of a piping hot bowl of meatballs are invited to enter the sweepstakes here from August 6 to 22 for a chance to win their own Store in a Box.

Ikea's meatball-scented candle is only the latest in a long line of the bizarre olfactory and other cursed sensorial offerings major brands have churned out recently. Just last month AXE decided to fold memes and crypto into a DogeCoin body spray. Similarly, Kraft and Van Leeuwen came together to present a mac and cheese flavored ice cream which had the internet immediately polarized.

Photos courtesy of Ikea