Of Course DogeCoin Smells Like AXE
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Of Course DogeCoin Smells Like AXE

It's fitting how a cryptocurrency that began as a meme and was later adopted by a hoard of Elon Musk fanboys and Reddit trolls to the point where it almost reached $1 in value would end up as a can of AXE body spray.

The deodorant brand is making good on its promise to release the limited edition "crypto scented" body spray they revealed as part of their DogeDay celebrations back in April. Putting aside the fact that cryptocurrency is intangible and thus wouldn't really have any sort of scent, the DogeCans are described as having 48-hour crypto scent "with a Dank Musk" and "much wow."

AXE originally said they'd release the special edition body spray once the cryptocurrency reached $1 in value. That day ultimately never came, but the brand has decided to go ahead and give them away for free anyways. Starting today, anyone interested in smelling like a meme can register via AXE's website to get their hands on their very own DOGECAN.

"We're going to the moon," the company said in a statement. "In this can, you'll find the crypto-confidence you need to get there. This isn't a scent to stop and celebrate how far the Doge Army has come. It's the scent to rocket all the way there. So strap in."

Photo courtesy of Axe


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