Don't you love it when brands call out other brands for ripping them off then up-selling the bougier version of their original product by 1000%? I know I do. This seems to very much be the case with IKEA, who took it one step further and made a whole ad campaign based on the fact that luxury fashion label Balenciaga created a tote that very closely resembles IKEA's own canvas hold-all.

Here is the $2,145 USD Balenciaga version, as a refresher.

And here, friends, countrymen, is how IKEA responded:

Witty, fun, cute, intriguing, love it.

It DOES rustle! It CAN carry hockey gear if one were so inclined to play organized sports! You SHOULD throw it in the dirt!

Hats off. Hats should be taken off and frisbee'd in IKEA's direction. Just throw 'em.

[h/t High Snobiety]
Images courtesy of Balenciaga, IKEA

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