Ice Spice's 'Bikini Bottom' Is Dominating TikTok

Ice Spice's 'Bikini Bottom' Is Dominating TikTok

So TikTok charts aren’t really a thing, but if they were, they would be dominated by Ice Spice’s second single “Bikini Bottom.”The New York drill rapper set the song up for virality after her first single, “Munch (Feelin’ U),” catapulted to over 20 million streams on Spotify after its mid-August drop.

Ice Spice's highly anticipated follow-up, “Bikini Bottom,” was released today to instant online acclaim. While it has yet to breach the Rap Hot 100 currently dominated by Lil Baby, “Bikini Bottom” is gaining momentum on TikTok. Where else do people really go to find new music these days anyway?

In early October, Ice Spice shared a snippet of the song with a DIY twerk compilation, bringing a new meaning to grey sweatpants.


lmk if ya fw this 😈 #fyp

Today, everyone from Skai Jackson to Addison Rae is hopping on the sound to celebrate the single dropping.


Ice spice got it with this one too😌 she ate

Even the queen of viral, Saucy Santana, certified the song.

The jaunty almost joke-like beat instantly earned comparisons to the iconic SpongeBob SquarePants background music, hence its title. It was a perfect recipe that primed the single for internet acceptance, inspiring cartoon edits and dubbing it a “Scooby Doo ahh song.” It also helps that Ice Spice can take a joke!


bikini bottom ahh song #fypシ #icespice #spongebob #lowqualitymemes #munch


this scooby dooby ahh song 😭😭 #icespice #scoobydoo #munch #viral #toofunny #DidYouYawn #Kanye #aave #blacktiktok #brooklyn #drillmusic #youthoughtiwasfeelingyou #foryoupage

The song and music video pull influence from SpongeBob, the ever-memeable classic cartoon for Gen Z. But Ice Spice doesn’t tread lightly around the silliness of its sound. Bringing the intensity and hot-headed lyricism of New York drill to Bikini Bottom, Ice Spice puts a twist on the genre. The song is perfect for being silly — or serious — and showing off or shutting shit down.

Rife with caption-ready lyrics such as “How can I lose if I’m already chose” and an internet sense of humor, the song ensured its success even before release, with TikTok users on their knees for the full track.

We’re thankful she delivered just in time for the sexiest, silliest night of the year.


pickle thick and morty getting sturdy

Below, watch the video for "Bikini Bottom" by Ice Spice.

Photography courtesy of Trinecia Amor