Hyd Finds Heartbroken Clarity on 'So Clear'

Hyd Finds Heartbroken Clarity on 'So Clear'

After introducing the world to Hyd with her self-titled EP last year, multidisciplinary artist Hayden Dunham is back to announce her forthcoming debut album. CLEARING is set to arrive November 11 via PC Music.

Many years in the making, the forthcoming full length record is set to explore "untouched levels of vulnerability" building off the glossy and unsettlingly intimate pop Hyd laid out in her previous EP. Written and recorded alongside close friends and collaborators A. G. Cook, Caroline Polachek, Jónsi, EASYFUN, Ö and the late great SOPHIE on a volcanic Spanish island in Lanzarote, CLEARING is said to take inspiration from the locale's mixture of elements constantly shifting between states — fire to ash, water to mist, fire and water cooling into earth — as a way of "dismantling interior structures and letting the frame fracture to spur a cyclical, sonic, visual and sensory evolution," per a press release.

As a taste of what's to come, Hyd celebrates the announcement with her latest offering, "So Clear." Co-written with SOPHIE and EASYFUN, the single is meant to serve as the album's mission statement, capturing its "cycles of agency and surrender, loss and rebirth" as Hyd sings about the shattering clarity of unrequited love. Starting from a warm thrummed heartbeat rippling out in expansive waves of bass before catalyzing into an eruption of drums and distortion-layered vocals, "So Clear" sets the stage for an art-pop album that's constantly changing and shifting shape in its contemplation of our ever-evolving sense of self.

“The feeling of rejection opened up my own questions about choosing Earth, choosing to make something new here, to be rooted when turbulent winds bend the stems," Hyd says of the track. "Transmuting a feeling of loss into something fortifying - ripples in the water that become still. 'So Clear' emerges from a place of total loss, full collision, and the freedom that comes through surrender.”

Check out CLEARING's full tracklist and the official visual for Hyd's "So Clear" below.

CLEARING Tracklist:

1. Trust

2. Fallen Angel

3. So Clear

4. Oil + Honey

5. Breaking Ground

6. Chlorophyll

7. Glass

8. The Real You

9. Bright Lights

10. Only Living For You

11. Afar

Photos courtesy of Michael Bailey-Gates