The Hello Kitty Grand Cafe is Aggressively Cute

The Hello Kitty Grand Cafe is Aggressively Cute

You know what we need more of in our lives? Tea parties. Dainty pastries, frilly decoration, and excessive decorum are all something we could use a little bit more of in the dumpster fire that is our current reality. A little bit of posh escapism never hurt anyone and what better way to fully yourself in a pinkies-out fantasy than with Hello Kitty?

Sanrio has announced the first ever Hello Kitty Grand Cafe set to open in Irvine, California and it looks unbelievably cute. The first and only permanent cafe of its kind in the US, the Hello Kitty Grand Cafe offers a wide range of themed drinks and confections featuring all of your favorite Sanrio characters. Hello Kitty's iconic design tops lattes, cakes, macaroons, muffins, smoothies, and more sugary treats as well as papers the puffy pink walls and counters of the cafe. Just red bows and whiskers everywhere.

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The fully pink upscale Bow Room offers a more private experience for an afternoon tea and turns into a cocktail bar after hours for those that might like to have little more adult fun. The bar will of course feature Hello Kitty-themed cocktails including the "You Had Me at Hello" which is mixture of Cachaca, aperol, lemon, sherry and pineapple or the "Matcha Matcha" which is comprised of Japanese whiskey, yogurt, matcha, yuzu.

The Hello Kitty Grand Cafe offers a little bit of cuteness for any individual's taste whatever it may be. The immersive concept store is as much a treat for the eyes as it is for the stomach. Set to open September 14th, people interested in making a reservation are encouraged to go to Sanrio's website.

Photo via Instagram