I'd Rather Be Quarantined in Harry Nuriev's Purple Apartment

I'd Rather Be Quarantined in Harry Nuriev's Purple Apartment

With most of us practicing self-isolation, our home environment carries more significance than ever. All that extra time spent in our rooms and beds means there's more opportunities for making your space look its very best, or at least one where you feel most yourself.

Allow Harry Nuriev and Tyler Billinger to provide some much needed design inspo for your abode. The Crosby Studios partners renovated their New York apartment last year and filled it with objects and pieces Nuriev designed for Opening Ceremony.

The pops of purple stand out against the mostly grey and understated color palette. "At the time, purple was our favorite color, but if we redid the apartment today it would probably be neon green," Nuriev tells PAPER of their home's theme.

Indeed, everything from rugs to furniture and lighting effects are rendered in the ultraviolet shade. Nuriev typically changes the appearance of his home every year or two, or whenever he moves. For this apartment, they were inspired by the tiles of swimming pools.

"We gutted and tiled the walls ceiling-to-floor, and collaborated with Hatsu to design a tile with a unique size and shade that would echo the look of a sport pool," they said. "But inspiration is never static; we're always looking and taking from our day-to-day realities."

While Crosby Studios has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic just like everybody else, the two are taking their extra free time to approach their projects differently. "When everything is postponed business-wise, it is the perfect time to resume all the personal goals you postponed because you were too busy," Nuriev said.

See, below, for more photos from Nuriev and Billinger's home.

Photos: Dylan Chandler/Courtesy of Crosby Studios