Frat Boy Harry Is Back

Frat Boy Harry Is Back

by Alexandra Hildreth

Starting this week, Harry Styles is transforming Madison Square Garden into Harry’s House with a total of 15 sold out shows between now and the end of September. More importantly, this means that New York Harry sightings are at an all time high and fanning the flames of the return of Frat Boy Harry’s (FBH's) street style.

Fans have watched him grow from Fetus Harry to the freshly tattooed Take Me Home Harry to the horny pop star high on "Watermelon Sugar," but it’s Frat Boy Harry who remains the global teen heartthrob. Our FYPs are flooded with edits of the decidedly superior era and its resurgence leaving OG 1D fans unable to contain themselves.

Even the never-before-seen X Factor audition has not deterred the FBH TikTok stans:

@thetodayshow New unseen footage of Harry Styles from his X Factor audition has been released, showing his initial audition song, "Hey Soul Sister" by Train!#9Today | ♬ original sound - The Today Show

Most art movements are defined by different eras such as classical, baroque or art deco. However, more importantly, so are Harry's different fashion identities. Fans have worked hard to document the complete timeline:

Fetus Harry wore skinny jeans and Jack Wills; Frat Boy Harry was dedicated to the white tank top and snapback; Bandana Harry rose from the ashes of FBH in time for peak Tumblr Indie moodboards; Dunkirk Harry was a refined gentleman, a movie star; and Fine Line Harry ushered in a new era of wide legged Gucci suits and feather boas.

Since the beginning of quarantine, and the beginning of the Holivia romance, his street style has returned to its roots and reawakened the thirstiest of fans.


ladies and gentleman… i present you frat boy harry. #harrystyles #fyp #fratboyharry


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2022’s FBH is simply the duality of the modern man and our Rolling Stones-crowned "pop king" has mastered the two formulas. FBH in the streets of NYC is sporting a trendy hoodie, pastel athletic shorts, scrunched up socks and, of course, a backwards baseball hat.

Meanwhile on stage, Harry’s House remains as stylish as ever.

Being a Harry Styles fan really is the best of both worlds.

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