Why Doesn't Everyone Swatch Makeup Like This?

Why Doesn't Everyone Swatch Makeup Like This?

By Avery Matera

We've all been there: you swipe a foundation across your forearm or the top of your hand at the beauty counter and think it's the perfect one. Then, you try using it when you're at home and by the time you're walking out the door, you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and feel as though your face is a totally different color. One beauty-based thread on Reddit makes an argument for why consumers should wait until a swatch of foundation has dried on their skin to choose which shade is right for them. And, though that seems obvious once stated, isn't exactly the norm when it comes to shopping for beauty products in this constantly moving world we live in.

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Teen Vogue brought this particular discussion to our attention, first started on July 25. In it, one Reddit user cites Make Up For Ever's new Matte Velvet Skin Full Coverage Foundation swatch image, which shows the product both wet as well as dry. Each singular tone looks completely different in each form, with even more shocking contrast than we would have thought. As a result, readers minds were blown, writing, "This explains why I can never find a good match. Everything turns me pink or orange. Even the lightest shade doesn't match." One also added, "I wish more companies did this." the wet version. This seriously gives me trust issues now when hunting for a good foundation tone match..."

Though we know Sephora's return policy is excellent, especially when you get home to realize that foundation is actually a completely different tone from your actual skin, you don't want to actually have to take advantage of it, right? Make Up For Ever has yet to respond specifically to the support and praise that their newest ads have been getting, but judging by the fact that they chose to show off their foundations like this in the first place, it's safe to say they totally agree.

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