Florence Welch's Book Now Has A Gucci Edition

Florence Welch's Book Now Has A Gucci Edition

Anyone that has ever heard the soul-stirring vocals of Florence Welch knows that her songs are piercing like a dove impaled on a rose. Beautiful and heart-wrenching, the Florence + the Machine singer compiled some of her best lyrics into a new book earlier this year, titled Useless Magic.

Already gorgeously bound like a fairytale compendium of days gone by, leave it to Gucci to improve upon perfection with their own newly released redesign of Useless Magic's cover. Wrapping the book in a floral wallpaper and embossing a new illustration and text in gold foil, Gucci elevates the design to a new level of luxe.

Welch celebrated the launch of the new edition at Gucci's Wooster Bookstore with a poetry reading. Sharing passages from the book, as well as some of her favorite works by other poets before the night moved on to an intimate dinner. "He's kind of a total kindred spirit. Somehow I don't know how we're not related, like our tastes are so similar," Welch said about working with Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele. "The thing I love about what Alessandro has done at Gucci is the details and the symbolism — you sense the romance and the story behind everything.

Retailing at a $64 price point, the Gucci edition of Useless Magic would make a great addition to any holiday wishlist. If you want to pick up a copy in person Gucci will be selling them at their new Wooster Bookstore in New York, in addition to their Florence and London locations.

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