Shrek Lives on Broadway

As a big fan of Shrek, I arrived at the Broadway musical version with some trepidation. Thankfully, it all washed away as the screen characters came to life for the kid in me. My wife and kids also fell for the ogre with more layers than an onion. Brian D'Arcy James grows on you as Shrek and Christopher Sieber's Lord Farquhar is less sinister and more comical in this campy version of the screen classic. Daniel Breaker as the Donkey can't measure up to Eddie Murphy in the movie, but he certainly holds his own. I didn't love Sutton Foster as Fiona as much as I expected, but it's a small quibble for a show with beautiful sets and costumes. The message of embracing the freak within resonates with me and I even found a few songs that were hummable, an all-too-rare Broadway musical experience.

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