You Can Buy Sexy Dog Halloween Costumes on Fashion Nova

You Can Buy Sexy Dog Halloween Costumes on Fashion Nova

Halloween is for everyone — including pets. While pooches may not love being dressed up (nudity is surely more comfortable) it's worth it for the photo opp! And now costumes are on sale at our favorite destination for thotwear: Fashion Nova.

In addition to Fashion Nova Men's and Fashion Nova Beauty, the wildly popular fast fashion brand has moved into the canine space. As first reported by The Cut, Fashion Nova is selling punny, thotful costumes for pets. And the little outfits are on sale!

Options include a take on Jared Leto's Joker (the "Jokester Villain Pet Costume"), a sexy "Pirate Girl," a Bob Marley-loving "Rasta Pet," and the "Walking Pet Vet." The pup pictured as said "Pet Vet" bears a strong, adorable resemblance to Bradley Cooper's dog Charlie, aka the true star of A Star Is Born.

As The Cut noted, most of the dogs seem to be presented in a "Look Back At It" pose, aka the signature look beloved by Fashion Nova's army of influencers, the Nova Babes. It's nice to see sex positivity reach the canine community. Dog butts: good for photographing, good for sniffing.

Photos via Fashion Nova