Ezra Miller May Be Dropped From 'The Flash' Franchise

Ezra Miller May Be Dropped From 'The Flash' Franchise

Ezra Miller could be dropped from entire The Flash franchise.

According to Deadline, Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav is apparently thinking about finding someone else for the titular role following a slew of troubling allegations against Miller. The publication also reported that Zaslav is debating between several options at the moment, including relegating the film to a streaming service and curtailing promo for the $200 million film, which is slated to hit theaters next June.

“There is no winning in this for Warner Bros,” a studio source said. “This is an inherited problem for Zaslav. The hope is that the scandal will remain at a low level before the movie is released, and hope for the best to turn out.”

Previously, studio execs reportedly pressed "pause" on all future projects involving Miller during an emergency meeting in April. The decision came on the heels of claims about Miller's on-set "meltdowns" and their arrest for disorderly conduct following an alleged altercation at a karaoke bar in Hilo, Hawaii.

Unfortunately though, things only got worse from there, as the star was later arrested a second time for allegedly injuring a woman by throwing a chair at her head. Shortly afterwards, the family of 18-year-old Tokata Iron Eyes were also granted an order of protection against Miller for allegedly grooming the 18-year-old through "violence," "cult-like behavior" and "psychologically manipulative" tactics. However, Iron Eyes went on to lambast their parents' accusations, saying they "held no weight." Iron Eyes is currently believed to be on the run with Miller.

Not only that, but Miller has since been hit with another order of protection related to a recent alleged incident in Massachusetts involving a woman, her 12-year-old child and their neighbor. The trio later spoke about the frightening and "really uncomfortable" encounter to The Daily Beast, with the neighbor claiming that Miller became angry during a board game and threatened them while carrying a gun.

Warner Bros. has yet to publicly comment on the situation. In the meantime, you can read Deadline's full report here.

Photo via Getty / Roy Rochlin