Hot, Queer Love in 'Ethereal Embrace'

Hot, Queer Love in 'Ethereal Embrace'

By Andrew NguyenMay 23, 2024

The beauty of queer love is that it can look like anything, free from any societal norms and expectations. In her latest editorial, called "Ethereal Embrace," photographer, writer and stylist Asia Lanzi wanted to capture the depth of this love across the spectrum, from romantic to platonic, in all of its emotional, spiritual and sexual manifestations.

"Through short interviews with friends in queer relationships, I researched their experiences of queer love/joy — the power of authenticity and the journey from conformity to embracing their true desires" Lanzi tells PAPER. "Incorporating their stories into the shoot, we focused on intimate moments of vulnerability and shared understanding. The imagery reflects the fluidity of queer love, showcasing its myriad expressions and complexities. Queer love means authenticity, vulnerability, communication, self-expression, community, healing, growth, softness."

Lesbian love and sex are often hyper-sexualized in this male-dominated world, or presented as one person as traditionally masculine while the other assumes a more conventionally feminine role, but Lanzi aimed to cater to the female gaze by portraying two femme queer women.

Below, see the queer love of "Ethereal Embrace."

Photography: Frederique Pinas
Creative direction: Hakan Keppler
Styling and casting: Asia Lanzi
Production: Lucy Mullan and Asia Lanzi
Set design: Coco Simons
Makeup: Carmelita Matamoros
Hair: Yasmin Arion
Nails: Jorge Montiel Galvis
Models: Tricia Nganga Mokosi and Olympia Reynolds

Photography assistant: Jordan Daniel
Styling assistant: Molly Cosgrove
Makeup assistant: Alicia Stuifzand
Set design assistant: Mean Thangtrakhanpong

Brands: @claracolettemiramon @storeresign @poster__girl__official @_namilia_ @merceria__clara
Furniture: @thriftedfindsbyew @thefrozenfountain @711rent
Location: @prereserved