Eckhaus Latta Made the Chicest Travel Kit For Your Hotel Fantasies

Eckhaus Latta Made the Chicest Travel Kit For Your Hotel Fantasies

Who here loves a hotel getaway? Whether you're seeking a hiding place for your scandalous affairs, a place to stay to avoid the chaos of loved ones, or just an uninterrupted evening of self-indulgent glamour, hotels and their amenities are always there for you. However, hotel accommodations can't always guarantee unprecedented chicness. Look no further than Eckhaus Latta.

The art-and-fashion-design duo of Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta has announced a collaboration with leading hotel-booking app HotelTonight on a compact, camel-colored cotton and nylon waist pack called, simply, the Travel Kit. The collaboration, which marries Eckhaus Latta's love of clean, functional design and HotelTonight's user-friendly accessibility, can accommodate all seeking a more comfortable, stylish travel experience.

The Travel Kit contains the designers' travel must-haves, including "a satin eye mask, a Zizia Botanicals trio, a Piave natural bristle toothbrush, a travel-sized Elmex toothpaste, and two tea bag infusions imported from France," according to a press release detailing the collaboration.

The pre-packaged bag is officially available now and can be yours for a cool $275. The price also includes a HotelTonight credit valued at the same amount. So, if you love glamour, whether sleazy, or in some locations, high-end, $275 can go a long way. Visit for more info, and see campaign imagery by Thomas McCarty, below.

Photography: Thomas McCarty