EAUXMAR and TAHIR Team Up on 'Vexed Into Bliss' Music Video

EAUXMAR and TAHIR Team Up on 'Vexed Into Bliss' Music Video

by Hedy Phillips

EAUXMAR and TAHIR have teamed up to create a bold, new music video for their latest release, "Vexed Into Bliss," out now.

Directed by Bior Elliott (of Dazed), the video finds London-based musician TAHIR laying down his slick vocals in a simple red room while Dutch/Moroccan producer EAUXMAR’s jungle-inspired beat swirl around him. Though the video is simple in execution, its striking colors let the music do the talking.

With an anonymous DJ on the floor spinning, your eyes are drawn only to TAHIR, who holds a white microphone throughout the clip. TAHIR’s smooth R&B style blends with EAUXMAR’s electronic edge for a genre clash that really works in its bold experimentation.

Courtesy of Bior Elliott

"I discovered the director Bior Elliott through a mutual friend and I had been a fan of his previous work," TAHIR says of making the video. "The video represents stepping into your own power and never settling for less once you realize that you don’t need help from others to achieve your own success."

As part of a two-track collaboration between this duo, "Vexed Into Bliss" — released alongside "Tethered Heads" — was born out of a connection the two artists made during COVID.

"The project came about out of the blue, around the time when COVID spread and I came in contact with TAHIR." EAUXMAR says. "We got in touch online and I really liked his music — I had two instrumentals that I felt missed something and I figured it would be perfect for his vocals. We both liked the idea of portraying our two sides on the tracks.”

Watch the PAPER premiere of "Vexed Into Bliss" and stream it, below.

EAUXMAR self-portrait courtesy of EAUXMAR
TAHIR photo courtesy of Sophie Jones