Stop Calling Dr. Phil 'Daddy'
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Stop Calling Dr. Phil 'Daddy'

Don't call Dr. Phil "daddy." He, seriously, doesn't like that. He took to TikTok recently to let his 4.4 million followers know that unless you're an immediate descendant of his, you don't need to be calling him a word that children normally use to describe their father.

Dr. Phil's brief warm message to fans had a stern undertone. "You have to stop calling me daddy on all my posts," he said in the video, showing off a small smile. "I ain't your daddy, I'd hate to break it to you."

He continued on with a somewhat serious note for everyone saying, "Your real daddy is probably getting his feelings hurt. I appreciate your support. It's a little weird, but I appreciate the support."

Dr. Phil has become something of a father figure for countless people across TikTok as of recently. Whether it's exploring the healthy ways to understand mental health to explaining exactly what a "simp" means, he's been helping people to cope during the pandemic with his important messages.

Check out Dr. Phil's response to being called "Daddy" up above.

Photo via BFA