Dr. Phil's T-Shirt: The Meme That Keeps on Giving

Dr. Phil's T-Shirt: The Meme That Keeps on Giving

by Sandra Song

Another day, another meme spawned via the recesses of the Internet. And this time it involves none other than America's beloved intervention expert/terrifying M&M, Dr. Phil.

The origin story itself is pretty simple. Yesterday afternoon, the suit and tie-loving Dr. Phil used his enormous Twitter platform to make an extremely important announcement: That he — like many of us — had decided to wear a t-shirt. Talk about an everyman!

What ensued was a barrage of excellent meme-ry and image editing, including everything from meta memes to some creative, deep-fried art to... Momo. And, to be honest, I don't hate it.


That said, some of you may also be wondering why exactly this is a thing in the first place. However, does the Internet ever need a reason to meme? Not only that, but I would argue that this particular Dr. Phil post has several things going for it in terms of memeability. For one, people love clowning celebrities. Two, they also love old people who do weird old people stuff, like posting insanely banal and pointless photos on social media with captions like "T-Shirt Time." Add this all to the fact that his plain, black tee is basically a blank canvas for tomfoolery and you've got Dr. Phil sporting the kind of bargain bin stuff typically worn by edgy middle schoolers.

It's honestly truly remarkable stuff, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't into it. After all, how many of you would pass up the opportunity to see Dr. Phil in a shirt that says "Baby Slut"?

Yeah, I thought so. You're welcome.

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