Last night, a terrorist attack on a mosque in Quebec left 6 people dead and 19 injured. An attack on the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec's evening prayer, the victims range in age from 35 to 70, and, according to Canadian media, the fatalities include a university professor, pharmacist and grocery owner.

In response to this horrific incident, Canada Zakat has begun working with the Quebec community to raise immediate funds for funeral services via a new GoFundMe. Once they hit the goal of $35,000, Canada Zakat says they will consult with the victims' families to see what further financial aid they need.

"We know Canadians are generous people. We know Muslims have a big heart. We all come together in times of crisis," they wrote in the GoFundMe description. "Let us dig a little into your pocket to alleviate the suffering of grieving families who have lost a loved one in this terrorist attack."

Donate here.

photo via YouTube/BBC

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