Doja Cat Brought a Couture Glove Bag and Tequila Bottle to PFW

Doja Cat Brought a Couture Glove Bag and Tequila Bottle to PFW

For her latest Paris Couture Week style gag, Doja Cat kept things relatively simple with her outfit (an all-black cape look) but saved the drama for her accessory: a gloved-shaped purse wrapped around a bottle of tequila.

The surreal handbag, which she brought to the Valentino haute couture show, was made from New York jewelry designer CHRISHABANA and comprises of heavily embellished pearls and delicate chainmail.

"I told [Chris Habana] I wanted something that felt like it was off the Paris Runway for couture but I wanted it to have a bit of a surrealist vibe to it," says Brett Alan Nelson, Doja Cat's stylist who accompanies her to the shows. "Together we ended up with this amazing glove bag, which really just hits on top of the head that it’s hard to get your hands on this couture."

The bottle she carried was a Patrón El Alto, Patrón's prestige line of aged tequila. The bag also features a ring inspired by the Patrón bee. She paired her look with jewelry from Loree Rodkin.

"I always love some sort of organic gag, nothing that feels forced but seamless to who Doja is as a person and as an artist," said Alan Nelson. "My girl loves a tequila cocktail, so taking the idea of this couture level bottle of Patrón El Alto to Paris but making it an accessory that doesn’t leave her side.

Chris Habana, the designer of the bag, added:“ Our studio had two main inspirations for the bag: One was from a West African wax print of a hand with long nails spraying a spray can while the other was from artist William Beaupre, who would take busts and embellish them with pearls and jewels creating encrusted android faces ... We also worked with fellow designer Kerin Rose Gold of A-morir to ensure that the pearl encrustation was graphic and clean. The end result is a glove/bag that can either be slung over the wearer’s or fitted on the hand.”

Photography: Jacob Wester