Not only are British nationals making their thoughts on Brexit heard, but now so are the British pups. On Sunday, hundreds of dogs walked together through the streets of London towards the House of Parliament for an anti-Brexit march led by a group called Wooferendum. It seems that the group has been planning this for months, as they've been promoting the event since mid-August.

Protesters were waving European Union flags, with many dogs wearing the flag as bandanas as well. And as expected, the signs the doggos were wearing, and the messages their owners were carrying were punny, yet substantial and did the job of speaking their mind, and asking Theresa May to paws and let Britain stay in the EU.

Here are some of the best photographs from the Wooferendum march:


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You'll Never Regret an Ephemeral Tattoo

Story by Ellen Atlanta / Photography by Tanner Abel and Nicholas Needham / Styling by Evan Dombkowski