This Rave Collective Is Helping NYC Immigrants Affected by COVID-19

This Rave Collective Is Helping NYC Immigrants Affected by COVID-19

by Marissa Matozzo

In the midst of this ongoing pandemic, countless NYC citizens are being left out of receiving sufficient government aid. Many are immigrants, whose lives have been directly affected by COVID-19, and who DisCakes, the NYC-based multi-dimensional platform run by DJ Pauli Cakes and Marley Parker, is aiming to help with a new fundraiser.

Cakes and Parker's DisCakes is a rave collective that works to create real social change through music and community. When real, physical parties were still happening, Cakes notably launched a helpful guide to making nightlife spaces safer.

With their new initiative, "DisCakes' mutual aid for immigrants in NYC," they are raising emergency funds for immigrant families, as well as queer, trans, nonbinary and undocumented immigrants. New Yorkers with "non-immigrant" status, (individuals granted temporary protected status) are also being prioritized.

Black, Brown and Indigenous people of color have been severely impacted by this post-outbreak environment, and by making donations, New Yorkers have been able to help undocumented and non-citizen immigrants while creating community in a time where many of us feel distant.

In a statement, Cakes and Parker explained that their mission "in this moment is to create the kind of network where individuals rely on each other instead of the state to live their lives. Strong communities make institutions obsolete."

DisCakes is accepting $5 - $50+ donations through their Paypal, (, Venmo (@DisCakesnyc) and Cash App ($DisCakes). Last night, Cakes joined JoJo to spin Club Quarantine with PAPER, and is encouraging those who enjoyed the performance to help make a difference if they can. As Cakes and Marley say, "Unity and solidarity can't exist when we don't recognize power imbalances and invest in each other's survival."

Photography: Rob Mazz