Diesel Beats Knockoff Culture By Joining It with Fake 'Deisel' Pop-Up

Diesel Beats Knockoff Culture By Joining It with Fake 'Deisel' Pop-Up

Fashion has always been rife with fakes, perhaps now more so than ever with luxury brands being ripped off left and right — and some even lifting ideas from each other. Diesel is one brand that's taken a tongue-in-cheek, positive approach to the whole thing, creating a pop up shop on Canal Street in New York dedicated to the fakes.

Founder Renzo Rosso told Dazed, "There's always been knockoff culture. But we want to celebrate people who embrace their imperfections and above all people that feel free to wear whatever they want. It's about being relaxed about today's style rules."

The pop up shop's collection features tees printed with intentionally misspelled DEISEL logos, which unsuspecting shoppers may not have quite picked up on. "The whole experiment was caught in a video that celebrates those who are brave enough to venture off the beaten tracks to find their own unique style," Rosso said.

The playful campaign is overall meant to be a light-hearted look at the culture of knockoffs, and even a celebration of imperfection, continuing on the ethos of Diesel's last 'Go With the Flaw' campaign. "We want to inspire people to not only accept flaws in their lives but to wear imperfection with pride and turn them into positive traits," Rosso said.

A limited selection of the collection will be available for purchase online February 13.

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