Nothing Can Get in Denaisha's Way

Nothing Can Get in Denaisha's Way

by Kenna McCafferty

The creative, confident spirit of Aquarius Season lives on through Denaisha’s debut EP, Aquarius Season, out now on Foundation FM's newly launched imprint. Minneapolis' emerging rapper and singer explores past loves and young relationships with their quick-wit lyrical savvy. "This is a small collection of songs I wrote and recorded when I was a teenager," they say, describing the vulnerable EP as a "journal you write in high school."

Featuring hilarious lines like, “Your daddy follow me on Twitter,” on the project’s lead single, "Peaches," Denaisha’s flow shifts from heart eyes to braggadocio. In five songs, Denaisha takes us on a trip through their "young and romanticized" brain, embracing the inner confidence they’ve found and lessons learned along the way. "I don’t think there is anything else that could get in my way," they say. "I’ve fought very hard to get where I am"

With heavy astrological influence, it’s clear that Denaisha is a star to watch closely. Stream the Aquarius Season EP, below, alongside a track-by-track analysis of each song.


This song is so fun and childish. I had a crush on this person a few years back. I am not shy at all about going after what I want, so when I noticed they liked me too I asked them out. They did have a boyfriend at the time and I wasn’t sure if they were open or not, but when they told me they’d have to ask him I got my answer. Of course, he was not liking the idea; it did not surprise me. I remember thinking, He’s way smarter than that. I don’t know if they know this song is about them? I hope they do. It’s very funny if you know who the two people are.

"Aquarius Season"

When I wrote this song, I was deeply infatuated with a specific Pro Dom I had devoted some time to. She had a deep voice, a sinister mind and, of course, she was an Aquarius. I would write her poems and paint her toe nails, along with many other NSFW favors. This song isn't necessarily about her, but some of the lyrics are definitely inspired by a few of the times we spent together. I remember naming it "Aquarius Season" because I shared it with her on her birthday, shorty after I got the exact kind of attention I was hoping for.


I don’t like beating around the bush and I always prefer the theatrics of honesty, so I’ll get right to the point. I once very dramatically convinced myself I was in love with this person I went on like three dates with when I was 19. We spent a lot of time in the rare appearance of the sun, drinking champagne at bars that didn’t check our ID’s and visiting my favorite places around the city. It was very hard for me not to romanticize the situation sooner than need be and write an entire song about it. They were very sweet and patient with me after offering a little reality to the situation. They were a kind friend and I’ll always appreciate the maturity they showed after I unlocked my delusional tendencies on them.


I hate to say it, but this song is about the exact same person I wrote "Peaches" about. I guess it was really about who they were in my head and not at all about who they were in real life, because we really didn’t know each other. I wrote at least three songs about them that summer. I’m always writing more when I’m either in distress, or distress is soon to come. For the most part I had a lot of fun recording this. I mean, it was written and recorded in like two minutes, so there’s no dramatic meaning behind it.

"Star Signs"

This was written maybe a year after my first breakup. I was dating a Scorpio and our relationship was very dramatic and intense. We only dated for six months, but I was in a deep pain about it for two years. At the time I thought they understood me in a way no one else ever could, so when we broke up it felt like I’d be alone forever. After it was recorded I only listened to it again once or twice. It hurt a lot to remember how much pain I was in when I wrote it. I am happy and grateful that I’m not in that place anymore, because I have surrounded myself with love.

Photos courtesy of Zoé Challenger