Denaisha Warns About Loving Aquarius Women

Denaisha Warns About Loving Aquarius Women

Minneapolis artist Denaisha has released their debut single and its accompanying music video all about being sucked into multiple affairs with Aquarius women. Aptly titled "Aquarius Season," the booboo-produced smooth listen warns about the dangers of loving this Zodiac sign — and subtly encourages looking elsewhere or, ultimately, facing the consequences.

Walking a fine line between fresh R&B and alternative hip-hop, Denaisha sings gently while also zipping between harmonies for rapidly rapped stretches that prove their versatility. On the song, they explore how they lost time, attention and, eventually, their soul to a ton of Aquarius women that still seem to haunt them to this day.

One such lover "was a professional dominatrix that I often broke the bank for," Denaisha said. "Our relationship eventually became a little too intense and I decided I had to walk away for my mental health. But this is something light and sweet I'm allowing myself to take away from our times together."

In the Sati-directed visual, a distressed Denaisha depicts Aquarius women as temptresses who spill a martini glass of blood on their dress and massage their shoulders while the artist sings and smokes blunts in a lake. By the end though, we see Denaisha more accepting and understanding of Aquariuses.

"Aquarius Season" is a strong first start for Denaisha, whose influences span the likes of Lady Gaga, Keyshia Cole, Tegan and Sara, and Paramore. They started writing music and poetry as a kid, inspired by what their mother was listening to around the house, before eventually working with local Minnesota producers.

"It wasn't until the 5th grade when I got my first MP3 player that I started to feel deep in my soul that what they did could be something I was made for," they continued. "I knew it was for me because it was the clearest and strongest form of expression to me. There wasn't anything I didn't end up writing about and turning into a song."

Denaisha's developing approach to music is all about bloodletting their emotions, from old crushes to personal pain. "I want to bring the kid I was as a child with me to everything I get to touch, so that they can heal knowing we are everything we've ever wanted to be," they said, echoing the same honesty heard on "Aquarius Season."

Watch the PAPER premiere of "Aquarius Season," above, and stream Denaisha's single, below.

Photography: Albie Sher