Watch Demi Lovato Make Contact With Aliens

Watch Demi Lovato Make Contact With Aliens

First teased earlier this year, our first look at Demi Lovato's upcoming UFO hunting show has finally landed.

The new peacock-exclusive series, Unidentified with Demi Lovato, sees the pop singer indulging one of their greatest passions outside of music; UFO hunting. Inspired by their own experience contacting "aliens" one summer in Joshua Tree, the new show follows Lovato along with their sister Dallas and best friend who you may recognize from their YouTube docu-series from earlier this year, Matthew Scott Montgomery, making nighttime treks out into the desert in search of the unidentifiable and the unexplained.

Taking a page out of the History Channel playbook, the trailer features a lot of grainy footage of lights moving through the sky, people with PhDs explaining UFO spotting techniques and the eye-widening gasps resulting from a captioned voice coming out of a speaker. For the skeptics, there's plenty to roll your eyes at — but for the believers out there, plenty still to sink your teeth into.

The four-part series is set to arrive on Peacock September 30. Check out the trailer below.

Photography: Dana Trippe for PAPER