Daniel T. and Ohara Hale Are On the Line

Daniel T. and Ohara Hale Are On the Line

Check out their single premiere of "Call."

Los Angeles DJ and producer Daniel T. and Montreal musician Ohara Hale team up for an irresistibly catchy dance track that will soundtrack your late-summer nights (and late-night drives).

On "Call," Daniel provides a spacious, breezy instrumental, punctuated by hollow synth chords. That arrangement gives lots of room for Hale, a vocalist who effortlessly adds a sense of melancholy and urgency to the track. There is even a hushed spoken verse that recalls the detached cool of Berlin electropop auteur, Annie. It's like a sonic tangle of delicious butterfly-knots, like the dial tone humming in your ears before calling your crush to confess your feelings. "Call" is basically that, in three-and-a-half minutes, and it comes from Daniel T.'s new album Heliotrope, out September 14 on Cascine. Pre-order here.

Take a listen to the PAPER premiere of "Call" below, and get lost in the trippy, animated visual accompanying it, by artist Molly Hamilton. (This was an extended visualization of the single's colorblocked cover art by John Zabawa.)

Photography: Nathanael Turner