Sex Positive Rapper CupcakKe Announces New Album 'Ephorize'

Sex Positive Rapper CupcakKe Announces New Album 'Ephorize'

CupcakKe continues to prove she's on the up and up, announcing today her third album, Ephorize, along with a close up cover in which the rapper stuns in icy ultraviolet tones.

The follow up to Queen Elizabitch will drop in just two weeks, on the first Friday of the new year. Given that this is an artist whose Twitter bio reads "I OFFICIALLY SUCKED 2017 DICKS IN 2017" and has quickly gone from putting out homemade tracks to jumping on songs with Charlie XCX and Brooke Candy, we seriously can't wait to kick off the new year with this album.

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Fans are fawning over the sleek cover imagery:

CupcakKe has some of the most supportive fans in the game. Trying to explain a color scheme change on her page before announcing the new album, she tried to blame it on promoting her Charli XCX track:

But the Slurpers quickly caught on: