Courtney Stodden Calls For Boycott of Netflix's 'Blonde'

Courtney Stodden Calls For Boycott of Netflix's 'Blonde'

Courtney Stodden isn't a fan of Netflix's portrayal of Marilyn Monroe.

During the Thursday premiere of Drag: The Musical, the 28-year-old artist told Page Sixthat they would "not be watching" Andrew Dominik's drama, which has already been critically panned for its "reductive," "exploitative" and "cruel" take on the Hollywood screen legend's life.

“I would urge people to not watch the movie because that is not Marilyn Monroe, that is not her story. It’s fictionalized and it’s to make her something she wasn’t,” as Stodden said. “She never wanted to be the girl they’re painting her as. Please, please don’t watch it.”

After all, Stodden is a longtime Monroe fan, as they see a lot of parallels between their two stories. Most notable though is the endless slut shaming they both faced in the public eye, as Stodden was widely scrutinized and bullied when they were 16 after their 2011 marriage to then-51 year old actor, Doug Hutchison.

“As somebody who understands what it feels like to be exploited in a sexual way and then have people turn you into a joke when you are not a joke,” Stodden said, before noting that they feel "very connected" to Monroe and often visit the film icon's gravesite.

As such, they think turning Monroe's life into trauma porn is dehumanizing, extremely exploitative and more than "a little disrespectful," especially since they argued she "really just deserves to be at peace," before referencing Cara Crocker's viral 2007 video asking people to leave Britney Spears alone.

“Like she said, ‘Leave Britney alone!,'" Stodden said. "Now it’s time we say, ‘Leave Marilyn alone!’”

Neither Dominik nor Netflix have responded to Stodden's criticism. In the meantime though, you can read about their views on Blonde via Page Six.

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