Watch CHVRCHES Maintain Calm Amid Chaos In New 'Miracle' Video

Watch CHVRCHES Maintain Calm Amid Chaos In New 'Miracle' Video

Is anyone else as stoked for CHVRCHES' new music as we are? Love Is Dead is out May 25, but already, the Scottish synth-pop trio has blessed us with four promotional singles that are certifiable bops about love, agency, war, and truth. "Miracle," included in a recent Bops Only roundup, is an anthem for truth. Lead singer Lauren Mayberry sings a declaration, a demand for rigorous honesty in the song's anthemic chorus: "Ask me no questions, I will tell you no lies."

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The video, out today and directed by Warren Fu in one take, essentially chronicles the trio making their way with a preternatural calm through riots, street fights, and explosions of paint and color. It's an extended metaphor for today's times: exploring what it means to look truth in the eye — which can often be chaotic, unpredictable, and uncertain — with a steely, focused gaze, like the buddha watching their thoughts float by in the river, without judgment or fear.

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