The Debut Designer Everyone Will Be Talking About Tomorrow

The Debut Designer Everyone Will Be Talking About Tomorrow

Story by Shyam Patel / Photography by Sonny Vandevelde

A Trashy Take

Those who follow budding designer Christopher John Rogers on Instagram know about his peculiar fixation with garbage and found objects. The Brooklyn resident often posts pictures of colorful trash seen around his neighborhood. "It's inspired by found objects and abject objects," he says referring to the Laila Gohar-designed set for his spring 2019 presentation covered in junk yard finds. "To me, shiny, discarded silver tape is just as gorgeous as sequins."

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Rogers split suits and dress right down the middle with contrasting patterns and colors. The combinations of maroon plaid with eggshell checks and a rainbow zebra motif against a black and white checker print are so striking they warrant a triple take.

Swarovski Crystals

Swarovski partnered with Rogers on his debut presentation at Martos Gallery in Chinatown this season. Fittingly the designer punctuated his jackets and dresses with crystals, while his lead makeup artist Raoul Alejandre sprinkled them over models' faces.

Parker Kit Hill

Trained ballerina and social media sensation Parker Kit Hill, whose Vine videos amassed him over a million followers when app was still alive and well, modeled a sharp white suit and a towering red hat at the presentation.

Diva At Heart

The collection's bright colors, statement hats, bold earrings (made of colored clay and crystals by collaborator Morgan Hill), and voluminous proportions scream pop diva, but Rogers isn't fixated on dressing those in the spotlight. "I want to see people who love the clothes wear them," he says. "I'm not looking for big names. I want just want people to put them on and fall in love."

Photography: Sonny Vandevelde