An Extremely Brief History of Charlie Puth Being Very Horny

An Extremely Brief History of Charlie Puth Being Very Horny

Update 9/7: Charlie got hornier.

In a new Instagram post, the singer posted a photo of him swinging in the nude against a gorgeous landscape with a cryptic caption.

Do we know what rhymes with four? We can think of several words. Whether it's an album, single or a certain subscription-only website to access more photos like this, Puth has grabbed our attention. Read on to rediscover more of his horniest moments.

If there was an award for the horniest celebrity on the internet, we all know that the title would have go to none other than Charlie Puth — especially after his latest mirror selfie.

In case you missed it, the "See You Again" singer sent pulses racing on Tuesday after posting an extremely saucy snap of himself in nothing more than a pair of tighty whities and a matching sweatband, though he did do us the courtesy of covering his bulge with his hand.

That said, despite some critics accusing him of queerbaiting, it appeared as if the large majority of fans really enjoyed the view, as Puth's revealing selfie seemingly did its job by eliciting an avalanche of NSFW replies, from spicy photos and more "Daddys" than you can count.

Granted, this is far from the first time Puth's gotten horny on main. As many have pointed out, the musician is already notorious for his love of a shirtless photo, a dirty joke and super sexual tweets, which includes eyebrow-raising commentary like "You ever just wanna pour a pumpkin spice latte all over your body?" and "I always forget that peaches exist but mannnn every time I eat one it’s such an experience..... Love it when drips down all over my face what a treat."

Plus, who could also forget about the fact that he's always been pretty comfortable with showing off his happy trail to his TikTok? Or how he once told his followers that he snuck in some snippets of himself moaning into his song, "Cheating on You"? Or even that legendary butt crack photo shoot? Definitely not us.

As for why he's so comfortable posting his thirst traps and talking about sex with his millions of fans, Puth told Bustle back in May that music and boinking are inherently linked in his mind, before saying that "to be a creative, you have to be a little bit" horny. And that, my friends, sounds like it's only a matter of time until his OnlyFans debut.


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