Charlie Puth Called Out By Selena Gomez Fans Over 'Attention' Remarks

Charlie Puth Called Out By Selena Gomez Fans Over 'Attention' Remarks

BYPaper MagazineApr 01, 2023

Charlie Puth is being called out after appearing to confirm that "Attention" is about Selena Gomez.

With all the buzz surrounding the "Lose You to Love Me" singer's love life, Puth was accused of trying to insert himself into the story with a cryptic tweet about his 2017 song "Attention," which has long been speculated to be about his "We Don't Talk Anymore" collaborator.

"'Attention' is about what you think it’s about," as the musician wrote in a post that seemingly confirmed that the two were romantically involved during her split from Justin Bieber in 2015.

However, Selenators were less preoccupied with the potential revelation than they were upset by a resurfaced interview about the song, as Puth previously revealed that "Attention" was written about a woman rejecting his sexual advances after asking him to sleep over in her hotel room.

“We would be talking in the hotel, she’d be like, ‘You wanna sleep over?,'" as Puth told Genius at the time. “I’d be like, Yes, I’m gonna get it in! And then nothing would happen, which is totally fine. But after like the fifth time of that happening, I knew what she was doing.”

He added, “I knew that he was trying to make me so embedded to her that I would never leave her. But I would never get what I wanted out of her."

Needless to say, Puth was roundly criticized as "disgusting" and "entitled," with one fan calling him "the perfect example of how most men act when a woman denies them access to her body."

"The nerve to say 'she wasn't gonna give me what I wanted' and then going on to say that to you that meant she was manipulating you is sick. 8 years later, the ego is still bruised," they said, before a second claimed, "Bros mad because he felt he was owed sex when he was denied access to her body."

The fan added, " He’s just tryna stay relevant but this is misogyny."

Puth has since deleted the tweet. That said, Gomez has yet to address the backlash.

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