Charlie Puth's Unmade Bed Is a Mood

Charlie Puth's Unmade Bed Is a Mood

On Saturday, international organization Global Citizen partnered with the World Health Organization to put on a special show for the world, dedicated to health care workers and people at the frontlines battling the COVID-19 pandemic. One World: Together At Homewas curated by Lady Gaga, and included an incredible roster of international artists.

Charlie Puth was one of the performers to participate in the pre-show. And many were touched by his performance of "See You Again" — a song that hit especially hard because of what the world is going through right now.

But while a lot of people were crying their hearts out as Charlie sang the heartbreaking lyrics, a lot also couldn't help but notice his background as he was broadcasting his performance from his bedroom. As people pointed out, the artist forgot to make his bed — unlike some of the other celebs who had neater, produced backgrounds (or seemingly full glam squads a la Beyoncé). A definite quarantine mood we can all relate to.

All the singer could say in response to fans calling him out was, "Oops I forgot to make my bed."

Don't worry, Charlie. Hard same.

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